Free Animal Jam Codes

Animal Jams is a fun game where the player can get gems and diamonds to help them advance and to help with their score. In order to get these items a person can pay or they can use codes to get diamond and gems. When looking for these items all a person has to do is go online and they can find free codes to help with Animal Jam.

             Generate Animal Jam Codes

Animal jam codes

When looking for the Animal Jam codes a simple internet search can be used. A person will go to a search engine and type in free Animal Jam codes for gems and diamonds in the search field. They will be given a list of website to check out for these codes. There are new codes added all of the time. The last code that was used for gems and diamonds was koala. Once the new codes come out the site will be updated with this new information and the date it was developed.

Animal Jam Code Generator

There are free code generators where a person can get the latest codes for the game. A person will download this generator and it will give them valid codes to use in the game. There will be a number of codes listen.

 Redeeming the Free Codes

Redeeming the codes for free germs and free diamonds is simple and easy. A person will need their own users’ account. They will go into this account with their user name and password. A person will then click the box that allows them to redeem a code. They will enter the code and click here to get the free gift. The rewards will then appear in the user account.

 Other Redemption Methods

During gameplay, the codes can be entered. A person will need to go to the settings button. They will then look for the button that says enter code. They will need to type in the code and click enter. From this time they will be awarded the code amount.

free animal jam codes

There are some codes that have a larger value than others. There are some codes that can be used to give a person hundreds of diamonds or germs. One of the best codes to use is annual2play. This code will allow a person to get as much as 900 germs. This code can only be used one time by the player. Not every player will get the full 900 germs. There is also the code ajplayercards which will allow a person to get 500 gems at one time. The code twelve will allow a player to get a diamond but they will not get germs using this code. It is hard to find a code that will allow a player to get free diamonds.

These are some ways to get free codes for diamonds and germs to use in Animal Jam. These codes do not cost any money to use and with a simple internet search, a person can find the codes as they are updated and new codes are added.